Victorious 2015 GSWGA Tri - County team. Final score GSGWA - 68 and Tri-County WGA - 52
Heavy rain parked itself over Fairmount Country Club Wednesday and flash flood warnings were issued; play was called once it was determined that the outstanding points of the final 3 matches still being contested would prove too little for the Westchester team to capture the title.
Garnering a fifth win in as many years, congratulations to Team Captain Donna Young and the 2015 Tri-County Team represented by: Robyn Bier, Sue Blasi, Jesse Clancy, Jen Green, Renate Green , Barb Hulke, Patti Katz, Haeshin Lee, Jane Linn, Michelle Mandia, Liza Martin-Garrubbo, Stephanie Moray, Katie Nolle and Sue Skowronski.

Final Total:


Tri-County 52

Group 1 J. Green/S. Blasi 8 points
M. McMillan/M. Unis 10 points
Group 2 R. Green/H. Lee 10 points
D. Hodes/M. Whyte 8 points
Group 3 P. Katz/S. Skowronski 9 points
S. Duffy/L. Hughes 9 points
Group 4 S. Moray/L. Garrubbo 11 points
C. Monsell/D. Sisca 7 points
Group 5 K. Nolle/M. Mandia 8 1/2 points
K. Baker/A. Sands 6 1/2 points
Group 6 J. Linn/R. Bier 11 points
K. Kieever/S. McDonald 6 points
Group 7 J. Clancy/B. Hulke 10 1/2 points
S. Labriola/B. Rowley 5 1/2 points